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Home Meal Delivery & Catering Services from an Experienced Local Chef

Are you ready to spend more time with your family around the table eating healthy meals? You don’t need to waste money on expensive, unhealthy restaurant food and you don’t need to worry about shopping for groceries (or wasting the ones you bought). We all know eating well is good medicine but finding the time to prepare healthy meals can add stress to already busy lives.

Get Out Of The Kitchen and hire Chef Mitch Maier to plan your custom meals, shop for groceries, and prepare them in home right in front of you. Chef Mitch uses locally grown, organic ingredients whenever possible because it’s the way people used to eat.

Whether serving busy parents who want to eat better or retired people looking for their own “meals on wheels,” Chef Mitch starts by learning your dietary needs or preferences and developing customized menus just for your household.

These preferences could include: Organic, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Low-carb, Paleo, Vegan, etc.

Tell Chef Mitch what you like, and he can bring you a week’s worth of grocieries and prepare them that fits the bill exactly! You’ll be glad you did. Hear what his previous customers have said then try this healthy prepared meals service that fits your needs. Planned, shopped for, and prepared with care--all by a personal chef who is a Wisconsin-native.

Need catering services near you in Sauk or Dane County ?

Our sauces and marinades are now available for purchase!

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Event Catering, Corporate Catering, Party Catering, Breakfast Catering, Lunch Catering

Need it to be full-service? No problem. Learn more about Mitch’s personal and corporate event catering services .

Chef Mitch has you covered for any boutique catering event serving up to 40 people. Mitch can handle breakfast, lunch, dinner, and just wait until you try dessert!

Mitch has been cooking people delicious food for over 30 years now, and he can’t wait to use his experience to cook and prepare the right meal for you.