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How to Prepare a Crust for the Best Fruit Pies

How to Prepare a Crust for the Best Fruit Pies

How to prepare the best fruit pies? It all begins with the crust.  The proper crust makes all the difference. If you’re going to make a sweet pie, use ingredients meant for making sweet pie crust. And for a savory pie, ingredients meant for a savory pie crust.  Sweet (sugary) savory (salty). So I start with the flour.  You can use bleached all-purpose flour but I prefer pastry flour. Pastry flour produces the tenderest crust.  The difference is the amount of gluten fou more »

Avocado Béarnaise Sauce

There’s nothing quite like eating a steak and dipping juicy pieces of meat into a creamy Béarnaise Sauce. If you’ve never tried it, this type of sauce is made with egg yolks, clarified butter, fresh herbs and lemon juice, to add richness and vibrancy to meat and fish dishes. It’s an epicurean experience that tantalizes every taste bud. In my version, I mix in a perfectly ripened avocado to impart an extra luscious texture. Not the most attractive fruit in the produce is more »

Grass Soup? Yes, Please!/Grass Soup Might Be Better Than You Think

Nothing pairs better with wild game or is more perfect for soups and stuffings than wild rice. Not really a rice at all but a grass, this gluten-free grain comes in many varieties. The cultivation of wild rice can be very labor intensive, but it’s worth it. Native Americans from this country and Canada have been using wild rice as part of their diets for centuries. It’s easy to see why. Wild rice is delicious when paired with your favorite summer proteins, like grilled chicken and more »