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Black Forest Kirsch Torte

Black Forest Kirsch Torte

Black Forest Cherry Brandy Cake or Schwarzwald  KirschtorteKirsch is a clear cherry brandy made from fermented cherry juice.

I've made several of these classic cakes the traditional way for the Dorf Haus. The cake pictured to the left was one of those. The cake pictured at the bottom of this blog, I made a little different. For that cake I added Wollersheim Port, Carr Valley Fresh Goat Chevre Cheese and my own Black Garlic.

Always be sure to measure out all the ingredients. This way everything you need when preparing your recipe will be ready for you. The French have a culinary phrase for this "Mise en place" "everything in its place". You should also have any and all tools needed. Including the baking pans which should be prepared with wax paper, oiled and lightly floured. Your oven should also be preheated and ready to go. 

The Wollersheim Red Port was one of the additional ingredients used when making the cherry filling. Red Port is considered a dessert wine.  It's natural sweetness is created by the addition of grape brandy which stops fermentation.  The Kirsch, cherry brandy, was not excluded.  Also, I added Black Garlic because of it's sweet and savory flavor.  I make my own Black Garlic from fresh organic garlic.

The addition of the Red Port, Goat Chevre and Black Garlic add a whole new dimension of flavor not to mention the health benefits of the Black Garlic. In addition to adding Black Garlic to the cherries, (the cherry mixture was marinated for 24 hours). I also added Black Garlic powder as an ingredient when preparing the chocolate cake.

If your wondering, after the fresh garlic has gone through a maillard reaction process, it taste nothing like garlic. So don't worry about bad breath. Black Garlic lacks that benefit.

The Carr Valley Fresh Goat Chevre Cheese was added to the heavy whipped cream for a great tasting frosting which also allows it to hold up well.

My other addition was the toasted almond slivers on the side of the cake instead of cake crumbles. Goat Chevre Cheese and Almond slivers complement each other.

Looks too good to eat, they say.