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How a Personal Chef Will Save You Money

I often run into people who either eat takeout every night or struggle to get healthy meals on the table. When I tell them what I do, a lot of times they say, “I can’t afford a Personal Chef.” How do they know that when I haven’t shared my fees yet?

The term “Personal Chef” is synonymous with celebrity status. It’s assumed that only millionaires like Heather Graham and Tony Romo hire them. But that’s just not the case anymore. As a society we’re getting busier by the minute, and we can all use a helping hand (or two!).

Plus, it’s a little-known secret that Personal Chefs actually save you money! Sounds impossible? I’ll break it down…

3 Ways Personals Chef Save Money

1. Eliminate Food Waste

Do you ever buy ingredients that end up in the trash? Sometimes we have the best intentions when it comes to cooking, but then life happens. We have to work late, we have to take the kids to soccer practice and so on. Next thing you know, a few days’ worth of groceries go bad. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away approximately $2,200 per household!

Trained chefs know how to avoid that trap by making shopping lists, repurposing ingredients and teaching clients how to freeze meals they might not eat. It’s also a lot easier to enjoy food that’s already cooked for you when you get home at night.

2. Rival Takeout

Restaurant delivery is the common fall back for most busy individuals. But pizza and drive-through burgers are not healthy or sustainable. Restaurant meals also cost more than you may realize. The Department of Labor reports that couples spend about $40- $45 for a meal at a mid-range restaurant and families spend about $65.

I charge an average of $16-30/meal, with sides, depending on the plan. The meals are delivered to your door just like takeout, but you don’t have to worry about placing an order or eating food that you don’t like. With me, it’s all customizable!

3. Give Time

You can’t put a price tag on time, but it’s the most precious commodity in the world. We all need more of it, yet there are only so many hours in the day. Most people spend about 7 hours per week planning and preparing meals. What would you do if you had that time back? Would you take your kids to the park, walk the dog, take up the guitar, go for a nightly jog or kick your feet up and relax?

By offering you extra time each day, I allow you to let go of a little stress while still feeding yourself home-cooked food. I assure you, your body and mind will thank you.

Ready to give it a try? If you’re interested in my Personal Chef Services, call: 608-206-0436 or email: mitch@chefmitchmaier.com for details. I look forward to serving you!