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The Perfect Cooking Method… Every Time!

Have you ever heard the term “sous vide”? It’s one of my new favorite culinary techniques. Translated from French, it literally means “under vacuum”.  That’s because this cooking method requires food to be vacuum sealed in plastic bags to remove air. The vacuum-sealed bags of food are then placed into a hot water bath, allowing for temperature control.

Accurate temperature control is what sous vide is all about, as the food can’t get any hotter than the water that it’s in. It comes out perfect every time, because the inside and outside are both properly cooked. The end result is always moist and succulent.

The only thing that’s missing is the browning (or Maillard reaction ), which happens when amino acids and reducing sugars have a chemical reaction. To accomplish this, the food I prepare sous vide is then grilled or browned in a very hot pan.

Think you want to give it a try? Here’s how:

1. First prepare your food of choice—it can be anything from a steak or a chicken breast to corn on the cob—then place it in a plastic vacuum-sealed or zipper-lock bag.

2. Attach your immersion circulator [https://www.amazon.com/VacMaster-SV1-Sous-Immersion-Circulator/dp/B00HFDPM6W] to a pot of water and set the desired time and temperature.

3. Clip your sealed bag of food to the pot and let it cook. The circulator does the work, moving water around the pot and ensuring a consistent temperature throughout.

Once your food has finished cooking, you can sear it, serve it, or even save it for later. It’s simple, convenient, and produces professional-quality results every time. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below, or tag a picture so I can see what you create!

Chef’s Tips: Add a little liquid smoke to the your marinade for extra flavor. (It creates the most amazing baby-back ribs.) I also learned that using a 75-qt. beer cooler for cooking sous vide works better than a plastic food storage box or metal pot.