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Breakfast, Lunch & Event Catering Services

What is Boutique Catering?

Daube of Beef with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce over a bed of Spaetzle served with steamed green beans.

It’s an event catering service that provides a highly customized catering menu to create exceptional and unforgettable events.

Hosting meals for friends, family, or colleagues in your home or at a special location offers an opportunity for connection and celebration. But planning these events can be time-consuming and stressful. What kind of food should I serve? Will everyone like it? Will I even have time to talk to the guests? Out Of The Kitchen Boutique Catering frees you up to offer a remarkable menu and still enjoy your guests and keep your attention on what matters—the people, the time together, and memories in the making.

Whatever the event, Chef Mitch Maier will work with you to develop an amazing and customized catering menu for you and your guests. Your food can be prepared in your home, and Out Of The Kitchen will personally serve your guests, or if you prefer, you can choose to serve them and take all of the credit.

Unlike some corporate caterers, Chef Mitch prepares all of his homemade meals from scratch with the finest ingredients to provide a healthy and delicious catered lunch, breakfast, or dinner that will add to the success of your event.

How does it work?

Chef Consulstation

Free Event Catering Consultation

Chef Mitch will meet with you to talk about your event, the occasion, the number of guests, any special dietary restrictions, your menu ideas, and your food preperation and serving preferences for the day of your event.

Meal Planning Guide

Catering Menu and Prices

Based on your consultation, Chef Mitch will prepare a custom catering menu with pricing for you to approve. Prices vary depending on your menu and service selections.

Meal Delivery

Event Menu Preparation and Serving

The day of your event, Chef Mitch will prepare and serve your custom menu according to your wishes to create an unforgettable meal for you and your guests.

What types of event and party catering does Chef Mitch do?

Chef Mitch specializes in catering food for events of 40 people or fewer in your home or at a special venue, including a business. Breakfast and lunch catering are available.

  • Corporate gatherings or office parties
  • Family gatherings and celebrations
  • Holiday parties and gatherings
  • Wedding and baby showers
  • Graduation, engagement, or retirement parties

Sample Menus

Chef Mitch will work with you to create a custom catering menu and experience for your special event. He’ll do all of the shopping and preparing, and uses high-quality ingredients and local products.

Boutique Catering Menu Appetizer Board

The Round Table

Platters of Assorted Domestic and Artisan Cheeses, Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Nuts, Olives, Crackers, Chips, Dipping Sauces

Small Bar

Modern Macaroni and Cheese
Gourmet Mushroom Risotto

Hors d’ourves

Chicks in a Blanket
Mini Corn Cakes with Smoked Salmon and Dill
Cheese Dreams
Roasted Fennel and Prosciutto Flatbread
Cocktail Meatballs
Smoked Trout Crostini with Radishes and Dill Cream
Tex-Mex Deviled Eggs
Party Poppers
Petite Sweet Potato Biscuits with Pulled Pork and Slaw

Boutique Catering Menu


Balsamic Vinegar Chicken with Wild Mushrooms Chicken simmered in a Rich Red Wine Tomato Sauce with Porcini Mushrooms and Bacon Bits accented with Balsamic Vinegar
Chicken and Rice Almandine Chicken and Rice combined with a lightly seasoned Cream Sauce and topped with Toasted Almond Slivers
Chicken Dijonnaise Chicken Breasts topped with a Herb and White Wine Dijon Cream Sauce
Chicken in Tarragon Cream Sauce Sauteed Chicken Breasts flamed with Brandy and topped with a Tarragon Mushroom Cream Sauce


Baked Salmon Lemon Thyme Salmon Filets baked with a Parmesan Lemon and Thyme Bread Topping served with Spiced Parsley Mayonnaise
Baked Sea Scallops with Feta Cheese Sea Scallops baked in a Fresh White Wine Tomato Herb Sauce with Red and Green Bell Peppers, Onions, and Black Olives topped with Feta Cheese
Baked Swordfish with Dill Sauce Baked Swordfish Steaks topped with a Spicy Dill Sour Cream and Yogurt Sauce
Cajun Barbecued Shrimp Sauteed Shrimp served in a light Spicy Cajun Shrimp Sauce


Barbecue Short Ribs of Beef Slow-cooked Beef Ribs in a mild Barbecue Sauce
Marinated Flank Steak Flank Steak marinated in a Soy Ginger Sauce, Broiled and Sliced Thin
Roast Beef Wellington with Horseradish Sauce Whole Tenderloin Wrapped and Baked in Puff Pastry coated with Duxelles and served with Horseradish Sauce
Veal and Wild Mushroom Sauce Sauteed Veal Scallops in a Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce with Vegetables and Fresh Herbs


Fennel Pork Roast Sonoma Roasted Pork Loin, thinly sliced and topped with a Sweet Tomato Red Wine Sauce
Curried Peach Pork Sauteed Pork Chops in a Curried Ginger Peach Sauce topped with Fresh Peaches
Cranberry Glazed Pork Thinly Sliced Pork Roast topped with a Fruity Cranberry Glaze
Chinese Pork Roast Roasted Pork Tenderloin in Chinese Marinate (Soy, Ginger, Hoisin & Black Garlic), basted with Red Honey
Lamb Chops with Mint Julip Mint and Bourbon Sauce on Broiled Lamb Chops